Country EOR (Employer of Record)

Trans Skills time-proven processes for recruitment, induction and training ensure that our customers get the manpower best suited for their requirements

Country EOR (Employer of Record)

Manpower outsourcing is a strategy that helps businesses achieve their goals. This is especially true for businesses with seasonal manpower demand or fast-growing business as well as regional expansion activities we are equipped and experts in managing the entire process timely and totally risk-free.

With Trans Skills expertise in global mobilization, our clients can focus on their operations while being ensured that they get the right human resource they need and only when they actually need it.

        Our manpower outsourcing services include

Employer Of Record (EOR), Trans Skills provides employer of record services essentially places a client’s employees on that company’s payroll. The client company still instructs the work of the employees and the employees are still considered workers for the originally hiring company.

On-demand Manpower supply (Short/long/tempting) Employee Hosting Solutions

From startups to multinationals – professional HR Staffing Services are provided to meet short term and long term needs, we provide flexible, scalable and compliant.

We offer our services in 40 countries and we go with you wherever you go

How Trans Skills Can help you Go Global?


Trans Skills can provide locally compliant contract in the country you’re planning to expand in, customized to your preference, and we clarify with you every local benefits and labor laws.

We take off all the administrative and legal burden: you need not to set up your local attorney and accountant in each country that you will expand your business in, spend 3 to 12 months to set up your subsidiary, open a bank
account and register with tax authorities. We do all of that for you.

Trans Skills only takes a few hours or days to get a job done that may take you weeks or months, and not to mention the risk of unforeseen local & legal compliance.

Trans Skills can provide a secure, smoother, safer and faster Global Market Entry.