Multi Country Payroll

Trans Skills is your In-Country Global Compliance Partner of consulting, outsourcing, technology, and training services to manage operations and provide practical solutions, allowing you to focus on and manage your business

Multi Country Payroll

Management of payroll schedules, maintaining compliance, and delivering payments in an accurate and timely manner is a very challenging task. If these tasks fall below acceptable standards it may trigger a decline in employees’ satisfaction and would have a negative impact on the company.

With Trans Skills expertise in payroll service delivered by a dedicated support team, you are guaranteed to prevent such problems from occurring. We offer topnotch payroll services where clients have complete visibility, as we provide real-time accurate, transparent and efficient centralized reporting along with smooth and painless implementation for wherever your employees may be situated around the globe.

Our payroll processing service is completely system-controlled and highly secured. We manage schedule and payments, all while being backed up with our knowledge of applicable local regulations including taxes and statutory for any business, regardless of the size or the requirements.

Managed Service

  • Payroll is a mission-critical function yet non-core to a business. The business of managing salaries is our mastery.
  • We take care of the payroll management where the client provides minimal monthly input and payroll changes; onboarding, offboarding, one-time payments, non-periodic deductions, and allowances. ​
  • We normalize, validate, process and report the payroll in a timely and accurate manner, and with full compliance ​of all pertinent regulations.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • We offer our years of experience and in-depth knowledge in a single multi-country platform that can be used by our clients
  • Technology maintenance, security, availability, and statutory rules updates are all taken care by Trans Skills
  • Process your payroll/s in one day in just 3 steps


  • The best of two worlds: technology and knowledge are outsourced, while the function remains in-house.
  • We equip, train, and backup our consultants with every piece of knowledge and technologies to process your payroll from inside, acting as an extension of your team, reporting to your office and working closely with the HR department and other business units.
  • The in-house consultant will continuously collect, normalize, update, and process the payroll, releasing you of the monthly pressure from time-consuming activities while ensuring deadlines are met, and people are paid timely and accurately.
  • The consultant’s performance will be closely monitored by Trans Skills, and will be backed up by a dedicated team for technical support and knowledge development.

Why Outsource Your Payroll?


Client’s Journey with TS

We believe the decision of choosing a payroll partner to be trusted is hard mission on its own and so we work on first and experience with our customers to build a fact-based decision.