Trans Skills’ efforts to combat COVID-19

To our Clients and the Community,

The outbreak of COVID-19 is slowly forcing everyone to adapt and change every aspect of our lives as we know it.

Right now, we’re all hands on deck to ensure the safety and well being of our families, employees, customers and communities as we face the developing crisis. On behalf of all Trans Skills and Knowingo+ employees, our thoughts are with those who are affected.

Since the first report in Wuhan, China, the virus has spread to at least 100 other countries. The number of cases is exponentially growing and has crippled businesses across all sectors around the globe. Governments and Organizations are leaning towards technology to track, sustain and distribute information as a way of fighting the pandemic.

We have activated a similar approach by using our technology to spread awareness and retain knowledge for our employees and clients alike. We believe in doing our part for the community and have opened access to our COVID-19 content through Knowingo’s mobile platform. We hope that the initiative will help organizations keeping their employees informed, stay connected and stay engaged.

Trans Skills and Knowingo Team

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