Regulatory compliance guaranteed

Making sure your business is fully compliant in payroll processing is our number one priority. We are fully aware how expensive non-compliance can be, therefore our team of experts is constantly monitoring international taxation, employment and data protection laws to abide by, so you don’t have to.

Multi-country and multi-currency solution that saves you time and money

We understand and manage payroll in over 55 countries and we can guarantee you are not only fully compliant, but also can manage your payroll in multiple currencies. Our set up allows you to automate payments including holidays and exclusion rules and manage multiple payments from one place. Error-free.

Complex changes and payments made easy

Managing your organisation’s payroll does not have to be a cumbersome task. Our software uses a “no code to low code” configuration structure that has an easy-to-use interface and workflow, allowing quick adaptation to any organizational or statutory changes.

vPay has a user-friendly design, easily navigable menus and simple interface which allows employees to immediately use the system without the need for complex training.

All the payroll-related reports available instantly all in one place

We provide you with highly customisable reporting and set up, which means you can create and report on any performance metric you want and whenever you want. We make sure information from all the payroll-relevant sources feeds into our dashboard to make it easy to view, compare and analyse. Pushing information to your financial systems is also a breeze with vPay’s API connectors We can connect with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


Trans Skills is a global specialist in HR and payroll solutions. We have spent over a decade managing complexities of multi-country payroll operations for multinational companies. The result of synergy between our engineers and compliance is vPay - a payroll SaaS solution that easily integrates with the majority of enterprise systems, both developed in-house as well as well-known global brands.

What differentiates us in how highly customisable and user-friendly our solution is. Try it yourself.

Multi-country solution for international payroll management

Multi-country operations could mean, siloed HR setups, uneven payroll process, and late consolidation of data.

Our smart solution is designed to help multinational businesses manage payroll processes across geographies, time zones, currencies and local and international labour laws ensuring you are always compliant, accurate and on-time

Cost-effective solution for complex business settings

Regardless of how tailored your needs and business operations are, vPay is the answer. Our cost-effective software is highly customisable allowing you to set different pay elements, access levels, tailored reporting and add features that are only relevant to your business. Our team of engineers and payroll specialists is here to help too.

100% payroll accuracy

Manually managing a multi-currency and multi-country payroll means you need to calculate in international taxation laws, tailored working solutions, unpaid leave requests, emergencies and unpredicted circumstances. This makes your job not only cumbersome but also highly sensitive to errors. Our system’s built-in automations, formulas and legislation rules eliminates human error.

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Our Guarantees

Always up-to-date with the taxation rules to guarantee your compliance.

Our team of global and local experts specialised in Compliance, Benefits and Benchmarks ensures our platform is always updated with any changes and is available to guide and support you whenever necessary.

Your data is safe. Always

We understand how important it is to protect your company’s and employees’ data and under no circumstance this should ever be compromised. Therefore, we continuously make sure our system is ultra-secure and adhere to global best practices when it comes to information security, all to ensure your data is always safe.

No disruptions in your existing process

We designed our software to ensure it is not only easy to use, but also seamlessly integrates with your business set up. It is designed to save you time, effort and money. It is also highly configurable and takes less than a week to implement as a standard.

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What Our Clients
Say About Us

We can be proud and bragging about our solution but it is our customers that helped us tailor it to everyone’s business needs. And here is what they have got to say:

Trans Skills not only reduced our payroll processing time but have also developed intrinsic reports which makes the payroll process simpler and easier to handle. We are extremely happy with the service and delivery of Trans Skills and we highly recommend the team for its professional and customer first approach.

Deborah Vincent
HR Manager
WEIR Oil & Gas

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